Rich content for all levels of Djembe and Dunun players

Djembe Guru videos are broken down into several different types.


Our LESSONS are for specific rhythms, and  have parts broken down.  Lessons are intended for Beginner to Intermediate players that like to work through parts systematically.


Our REFERENCES are for specific rhythms and quickly demonstrate how each part is played. These are intended for intermediate to advanced students who can learn parts quickly.


Our TECHNIQUE lessons are to help players of all levels develop skills that can be used throughout their playing.

Live Classes

Sit in on archived classes that Fara has taught in workshops, camps and classrooms around the world.


Djembe Guru’s video content is also neatly grouped under Rhythms, each of which consists of:

  • A brief description of its cultural context
  • Videos, which are arranged into:
    • Accompaniments
    • Solos
    • Ballet dununs
    • Traditional dununs
  • Practice tracks related to that unit; and
  • Discussion forum where members will be able to discuss aspects of this unit

Do note that members can go through these units in no particular order and these are available to them from the start of their membership.