How do I log in?

Just click on the “Log in” link in the top navigation menu to log into your member account.

Why does the site keep making me log in again?

On your next log in, click the box that says: “Keep me logged in”.

How do I cancel my membership?

When you get to the login, you’ll see “My Profile” in the bottom left hand corner of the window. Enter your email address and password and then click on My Profile to cancel.

Why are some of the parts on different than what I've learned from other teachers and from the Rhythm Reference?

That’s great question! One of the things that we’ve learned is that this music is not static. The world of African percussion is a living art, and is ever evolving. Depending on your teacher, the village, the lineage etc., parts will be played differently. We have strived for consistency between the Rhythm Reference and, but when your compiling thousands of parts and pieces, there are bound to be variations… as we found throughout the course of this process; even the same teacher (Fara) will play things a little differently now than he did seven years ago! We’ve caught many of them, and there are certainly some that we’ve missed. Our best advice is, “Roll with it.” It just makes you a better player.

We have all been in situations where someone says, ” That’s not how that part goes!” It’s what happens in a aural tradition; things change, shift and evolve over time. Learn to be flexible. Understand that if you play long enough, you will hear many variations of the same rhythm. Let each one expand your repertoire and deepen your understanding of the rhythm. Don’t worry, your muscle memory has an infinite capacity, its just another tool in your rhythmic toolbox. Oh yeah, and if you have a teacher standing over you with a drum stick in their hand, and they tell you to play it differently than how you learned it… play it the way they tell you to!

Why does some of the notation not match what Fara is playing?

Oops… that means we goofed. We are a team of 3 people, including Fara (who has never notated a rhythm in his life). We’ve compiled dozens of hours of video over months of shooting and literally 2+ years in editing. We’re bound to make some mistakes. Accept our apologies, and share your feedback with us here, so we can add it to the list of things we need to fix. We’ll get to it as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience. If you email us a corrected notation, that will help us fix it faster!